Concept Design

We will design a personal and customised design for your interior. We wil provide a well thought out concept, colour and fabric scheme and a detailed analysis on how to apply it to your preference.


Design & Visualisation

We will develop a personalised design concept. This entails all the desired objects , color and fabric scheme of the interior, the objects and and a 3D visualisation of the project and a price estimate.


Interior Design & Realisation

We will develop a personalised design plan, including a detailed quotation of all the materials and work to be done. Furthermore we will take up the role as project management to bring the project to a succes.







Villa Naarden,


The job was to create a warm and atmospheric interior for a spacious villa in Naarden. The original characteristics of the building should’ve kept intact and enhanced. A modern yet minimalistic interior should complement the heigh ceilings and yet a cozy atmosphere.



Interior design by Lionne

Lionne Kotteman has an incredible eye for detail. Her style adapts easily to the wishes of her clients, however the thing that pops out is her feel for color, light and materials. Her swift and ordered method transforms houses into homes and dull offices into inspiring working spaces. 

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